This really depends on the on the job. No two jobs are ever the same, and seemingly small jobs sometimes take a lot of work, and big jobs are sometimes done in very little time. The best thing to do is to contact us, for an obligation free discussion and quote.

Consultancy rates are at $120 an hour.

As for websites, depending on the nature and how many hours of work is involved, prices can vary from $600 to $10,000. The more hours involved the bigger the fee - however, we are lucky enough to live in a world where we don't have to reinvent the wheel each time and therefore, where possible and with your discretion we use existing templates and applications to serve your needs at a much reduced rate.

We have done work for:

Engineers Australia - Australian Tunnelling Society

Thiess John Holland & Dragados

Liz Beattie MP

Maria Vamvakinou MP

K&H Geotech

Grouting & Foundation Works Australia

Shotcrete Society of Australia

Jacqui Lees Clairvoyant

Accredited Assessing & Workplace Training



We are more than happy to host web solutions, whether websites or otherwise - we have server space, that is backed up regularly. We believe that the customer should not have to get involved in the details. We will however, advise you of everything we do to ensure you are across each aspect. There are no hidden fees. A yearly hosting fee is standard - however this depends on how much web-space and bandwidth is required.

Certainly! Web solutions in today's day and age almost demands the use of mobile phones.

It is important that you recognise that your app idea isn't a mobile version of a website you have in mind. Also it's important in most cases - to have a web version of your app up and running. If you haven't already noticed most apps actually have a website version online. When it comes to app development, like any software development solution, it requires lots of time and a thorough analysis. 

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