Business on the Cloud

There's a lot of hype concerning "the cloud". A lot of the time, it is just that - "hype". But for many businesses, working on the cloud is the right solution. Tunnelling Solutions is one of these businesses.


Webmaster Studios has been a catalyst in the migration of email and systems, to the secure redundancy of the cloud. Tunnelling Solutions now enjoys greater mobility, better access to corporate infrastructure, records, documents, emails - and faster access too. When you have a business that is constantly on the move, and working on high profile projects in the billions of dollars (as is the case with Tunnelling Solutions), then you need a robust requirement, that can work from anywhere.

The team at TS can now easily share records among different team members in different states, share calendars, records, and access their systems from afar, and all the while having the peace of mind to know that the data is backed up in secure locations with 99.99% uptime.

The migration of data and content to cloud servers is always a tricky step. But it was one that was handled professionally and on time, with minimal down time. TS now enjoys the convenience, and stress free performance of cloud servers at a fraction of the running costs prior.